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Egyptian Cat Pin - Mystic; Regal; Black Cat Enamel Pin

Egyptian Cat Pin - Mystic; Regal; Black Cat Enamel Pin

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Brand: Real Sic


'In ancient Egypt; cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.' –UnknownWe know cats love us because they stick around. Human's love for cats dates back to ancient Egypt; where they were considered gods. There was even the god Bastet; the cat-headed god. We made this enamel pin to convey the majesty and regal nature of our feline companions; with nods to their occult and mystic nature with Fibonacci spirals and an eye of Ra. This 2-inch tall premium enamel pin is sure to be a favorite.• EGYPTIAN CAT PIN – This regal black cat complete with a jeweled necklace is packed with attention to detail. For lovers of ancient Egypt; cats or both!• PERFECT SIZE – 2' tall! This pin needed to be larger than average to include all of the details; making it an excellent statement piece.• PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN – We go above and beyond to use the highest quality material; including real gold plating to deliver the best product to you.


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